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Note: Although the Anglo-Hellenic League is a member society of the Hellenic Centre, and has a post-box at the Hellenic Centre, it is not affiliated with the Hellenic Community Trust or the Hellenic Centre in any other way. If you would like to contact the Hellenic Centre, you will find information here. We regret that we are unable to forward messages to the Hellenic Centre. 

History of the League

The Anglo-Hellenic League was founded in the aftermath of the 1912-13 Balkan Wars in order to counter anti-Greek propaganda in the United Kingdom. Dedicated to promoting Anglo-Greek understanding and friendship, the League has a long history of charitable and cultural work.


After the first World War, through John Gennadius, a co-founder and Honorary President, the League took a leading role in establishing the Koraes Chair of Modern Greek and Byzantine History, Language and Literature at King’s College London. During the Second World War the League raised funds for the starving Greek population and for the Greek Navy and the Merchant Marine. In the immediate post war years the League gave assistance to a children’s home, a hospital in Athens and to war-ravaged villages in remote parts of Greece and gave similar help to the southern Ionian Islands after the 1953 earthquakes.


In 1979/80 the League raised over £80,000 towards the ‘Save the Acropolis’ Appeal.


In 1986 it established the Runciman Award, an annual prize given for a book or books on some aspect of the Hellenic scene and in 2002 the Katie Lentakis Memorial Fund Award (see below).


From 1990-2014 the League published the important twice-yearly journal, 'The Anglo-Hellenic Review', which included articles of topical and historical interest on the Hellenic world, a comprehensive Book Review section and reports on current Hellenic activities.


In its 2012 Christmas Appeal the League raised the sum of £8000 for the Greek charity 'Food Bank – Foundation Against Hunger', and in 2016 the sum of £8000 for the Greek conservation charity 'Elliniki Etairia'.

Regular activities of the League

The Runciman Award

This annual prize, organised by the League, is awarded each year to a book or books, wholly or mainly about some aspect of Greece or the world of Hellenism, published in the first English edition in the United Kingdom or Greece. It is named in honour of Sir Steven Runciman, the distinguished historian and the League’s longest-serving Chairman. See for further information.

Katie Lentakis Memorial Fund Award

This Award, first presented in June 2002, is funded by the League. It is given annually to an undergraduate at King’s College London for an essay on any field of Hellenic Studies.

Members of the Council

Mr Gerald Cadogan Chairman
Mr Robin Gourlay Vice Chairman
Mr John M Carras Treasurer
Prof. Roderick Beaton  
Dr Richard Carden  
Lady Cartledge  
Mr John Kittmer  
Mrs Edmée Leventis  
Sir Michael Llewellyn Smith  
Mrs Frances Manthos  
Sir David Miers  

Mr Paul Watkins

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