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       The Anglo-Hellenic League is again offering a prize, known as the Runciman Award in honour 

       of the late Sir Steven Runciman, for a book wholly or mainly about some aspect of Greece or 

       the world of Hellenism, published in English in any country of the world in its first edition 

       during 2015.


The aim of the award is to stimulate interest in Greek history and culture from earliest times to the present; to reward and encourage good and accessible writing, of which Sir Steven’s works are an example; and to promote wider knowledge and understanding of Greece’s contribution to civilization and values. The judges will have these aims in mind, giving due weight to the criterion of increasing understanding of Greece’s contribution to civilization. No category of writing will be excluded from consideration. Thus, for example, the prize may be awarded for a work in the field of history, literary studies, biography, travel and topography, the arts, architecture, archaeology, the environment, social and political sciences or current affairs; or for a work of fiction, poetry or drama. Works in translation, with the exception of translations from Greek literature, will not be considered.


In selecting books for submission publishers should note:

·         no more than 10 books may be submitted by any one publisher;

·         books of multiple authorship (more than 3 authors or contributors), or edited books, will not be eligible;

·         the judges will look with particular (but not exclusive) favour on books which have a potential readership beyond the specialist and academic, of interest to an educated public with little or no knowledge of Greece;

·         for an entry to be eligible, it must have 2015 stated as the year of its publication inside the book;

·         the RRP of each submitted book should be indicated on the entry form.

The prize money is £9,000, sponsored by The National Bank of Greece. How this prize is awarded is the responsibility of the judges, whose decision is final.


It is a condition of the award that shortlisted books should be available for purchase to readers in the UK at the time of the award ceremony (June 2016). Publishers of shortlisted books will be notified by the Anglo-Hellenic League.

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