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Note: Although the Anglo-Hellenic League is a member society of the Hellenic Centre, and has a post-box at the Hellenic Centre, it is not affiliated with the Hellenic Community Trust or the Hellenic Centre in any other way. If you would like to contact the Hellenic Centre, you will find information here. We regret that we are unable to forward messages to the Hellenic Centre. 

The Anglo-Hellenic League

Dedicated to promoting Anglo-Greek understanding and friendship, through charitable and cultural work. 


Fires in Attica - Launch of Appeal for Funds

The recent devastating fires in Attica have caused a large loss of life, with 88 fatalities reported so far, nearly 200 people hospitalised, and an unknown number of people missing and unaccounted for. Devastation of property in the areas around Mati and Rafina is widespread. Many of the resident population are at risk of poverty and social exclusion, as they seek to recover and rebuild their lives.  

The Council of the Anglo-Hellenic League is today launching an appeal to raise funds to help those most affected by the fires. We are partnering with Desmos, a not-for-profit organization based in Athens, which has, since 2012, been working to alleviate the impact of the social crisis in Greece. Desmos acts as an intermediary between donors and organisations in need, and specializes in social welfare, healthcare, emergency response and recovery.


Since the fires in Attica, Desmos has had staff on the ground evaluating local needs and directing donors’ funds to where they can be of most use. Now and in the days ahead, Desmos is working to understand the needs of the local municipalities and communities beyond immediate emergency requirements; to contribute in the most effective way to tackling the results of the tragedy; to contribute to the implementation of action that will have the greatest impact on the stricken communities, through clear humanitarian, social and environmental goals; and, in all of this, to act with transparency and professionalism.


The Anglo-Hellenic League, a registered charity, is seeking donations, so that our members and supporters in the UK can contribute to helping those whose lives have been affected by the fires. Money donated to the League for this cause will be passed directly to Desmos for spending on the front line of this crisis. UK taxpayers can increase the value of their donation under Gift Aid.


You can now give money to our appeal directly and securely on-line on our MyDonate page: click here. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer or by cheque, information about how to do so  is contained in the attached PDF file ("Fires in Attica", below). We thank you in advance for your generosity.


Council of the League

29 July 2018

Fires in Attica.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [249.5 KB]

The League's Autumn Programme of Events for 2018


We are pleased to announce our autumn programme of events, featuring talks by distinguished speakers on Thessaloniki, Climate Change in the Hellenic World and the Post-War Adoption Movement of Greek Children to the USA. For further details please click Cultural events

Albania Overboard: Albania to Corfu Swim 2018

The League is supporting the third Albania to Corfu Swim, which will take place on 8 September 2018. The swimmers are raising money, through the League, for ‘The Smile of the Child’, a registered Greek Charity. With ten ‘houses’ across Greece, ‘The Smile of the Child’ has, in its 25-year history, helped over 1.3m children recover from the effects of violence, health problems and extreme poverty, as well as spearheading countless missing children's campaigns.

In 2016, the swimmers raised approx. 20,000€ for the cause and they hope this year to increase that figure significantly.

The League is strongly committed to the alleviation of poverty. We encourage all members and supporters of the League to support this cause. You can find more information about the event and how to donate on-line by clicking here. Alternatively you can make donations for this cause directly to the Anglo-Hellenic League; details can be found in the attached file.

Adobe Acrobat document [249.9 KB]

New Council for 2018-19


At the Annual General Meeting on 14 June 2018, a new Council was elected. Three members of Council had earlier indicated their intention to retire from it. Members present at the AGM warmly thanked Mr Gerald Cadogan (former Chairman), Lady Cartledge and Mrs Edmée Leventis for their many years of service and dedication to the League and wished them well in their future endeavours.


Two members of Council were elected for the first time: Ms Louisa Leventis and Dr Anne McCabe. Members present at the AGM welcomed the two new Council members to their positions.


All other members of the Council for 2017-18 were re-elected for 2018-19.


The full list of Council for 2018-19 is set out 0n this website under 'About Us'.

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